Solutions for Exporters

With Brim’ bespoke products, Exporters can cover the risk of non-payment on individual exposures or on a  portfolio basis. They are also able to help Exporters in establishing new guarantee frames through well rated international guarantee companies.

Brim’s product are used to secure payments either i) when trading in emerging/new markets or ii) when doing so with establish customers who request longer tenors or additional amounts. With a solution from Brim you can always be confident of securing your payments.

Their products can also be assigned or transferred to funding institutions in order to create liquidity/cashflow. At Brim they also assist you to fund your transaction together with a financial partner on the back of the coverage they provide.

Brim have vast experience in risk mitigation, vendor financing, documentation and structuring for short to long terms projects. They have successfully arranged risk coverage and structured financing solutions for a multitude of sectors all over the world.

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Solutions for exporters