Solutions for Export Credit Agencies

Brim provide long term credit risk reinsurance solutions behind Export Credit Agencies (ECA’s) in both the Facultative (single risk basis) and Treaty (portfolio solutions) markets, with minimum credit rating quality of A- . Their ECA reinsurance solutions are worded on a follow the fortunes basis and cover provided on Quota Share and/or Excess of Loss structures covering long term ECA transactions with underlying tenors up to 20 years.

Brim reinsurance solutions are designed around the ECAs specific needs and their unique drivers to seek reinsurance protection eg. boost capacity offerings, target portfolio concentration, capital or legislation requirements. Risk sharing partnerships with the Reinsurance market encompasses many areas including establishing reinsurance requirements, risk and portfolio risk modelling assessment, confidence creation in the ECAs underwriting & operations, limit/capacity alignment between ECA/Reinsurer, placement negotiation on follow the fortune wordings and risk pricing inside the ECAs original premium less deductions. Part of their unique placement success and established track record has its roots in their strong technical ECA and Export Credit Risk backgrounds which include ECA underwriting, ECA risk/portfolio risk analytics, Banking and corporate vendor financing.

Brim’s team are the market leading Broker in ECA reinsurance with both placement and claims management track record. They currently have under their management multiple long term ECA reinsurance programs placed in both fac & Treaty markets behind multiple large ECAs clients. Brim’s follow the fortune reinsurance solutions are placed worldwide with highly rated reinsurer.

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Solutions for export credit agencies