Credit and Political Risk

Brim is a leading insurance & reinsurance broker in the credit and political risk space. Brim cover the entire spectrum of customers from; private Corporations to Export Credit Agencies, Banks and alternative Lenders or Investors.

Brim help their clients with a range of individual counterparty and country exposures as well as portfolio solutions and guarantee facilities. Brim is active in all forms of structured finance; export, trade and acquisition finance. Brim will credit enhance funded and unfunded instruments and corresponding exposures for the purpose of increasing the bankability of supplier credits. They enhance Banks available credit limits on certain obligor facilities, sectors or countries through comprehensive non payment guarantees as well as enabling capital relief of the credit facility in question and thus reducing risk weighted asset for the Bank or Lender.

Brim’s CPRI team is the most professional in the market with backgrounds ranging from underwriting, broking, reinsurance, portfolio modelling / quant as well as arranging, underwriting & management positions from ECA’s, Banks and large corporates with structured finance departments.

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